• Investor Business Plan

    The investor business plan includes in-depth research, consulting and financial modeling for capital-intensive projects in need of large-scale investment such as funding from venture capitalists, private equity, and hedge funds. The business plan is structured to answer the questions that these groups most frequently have.

    These investors will learn about your business through an executive summary, full-length business plan, and PowerPoint presentation. Professional business plan writers will work with you to create a powerful business plan that includes advanced writing, financial modeling, marketing, consulting, and networking. We provide the market research necessary to validate the assumptions and rationality behind your business concept. Our experienced business plan writers will communicate your concept smoothly and thoroughly to ensure that there is no confusion regarding your vision. You will have access to the entire team of consultants, who are experts in business development, venture capital funding, financial modeling, and research.

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    VC Plans is a tight team genuinely committed to excellence and opposed to mediocrity. We value integrity, aesthetics, and communication. Along with our experience, these principles are what set us apart. We expect our clients to have high standards, because we certainly do. Choosing VC Plans is choosing a company that will get to know you and your vision, then create a stunning business plan that you can be proud of. We love our jobs, and we want you to love yours too.